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14 સેકન્ડ નો આ વિડિઓ જોઈ આંખ ભીની થઇ જશે… આ કાકા ની હિંમત જોઈ રહી જશો દંગ… જુઓ

By | August 4, 2022

It is said that those who work hard do not give up in any situation and overcome difficulties. A video proving this has come out in which a disabled person is seen. The man is seen walking on crutches, but in this condition he is seen carrying heavy bags of cement for a living. People are getting very emotional after watching the video. At the same time, it is also motivating. It shows that if a person does not give up even in such difficult situations, he can overcome even the biggest difficulties and do anything based on his hard work.

સિમેન્ટની ટ્રક પાસે દિવ્યાંગ માણસ ઊભો જોવા મળ્યો હતો

વીડિયોમાં તમે જોઈ શકો છો કે એક ટ્રક ઉભી છે અને તેના પર સિમેન્ટની બોરીઓ ભરેલી છે. ટ્રકનો પાછળનો ભાગ ખુલ્લો છે અને તેના પર એક માણસ ઉભો છે જે ત્યાં ઉભેલા લોકોના ખભા પર સિમેન્ટની બોરીઓ મૂકી રહ્યો છે અને તે તમામ બોરીઓ નાના ગેટની અંદર લઈ જઈ રહ્યો છે. વીડિયોમાં તમે એક વિકલાંગ વ્યક્તિને ટ્રકની નીચે ઊભેલા જોશો, જેણે ટ્રકના ટેકે પોતાની બૈસાખી રાખી છે.A disabled man was seen standing near a cement truck
In the video, you can see that a truck is parked and loaded with sacks of cement. The back of the truck is open and a man is standing on it placing sacks of cement on the shoulders of people standing there and carrying all the sacks inside a small gate. In the video, you can see a disabled person standing under a truck, who is holding his crutches on the truck’s support.

Heavy sacks of cement with the help of crutches

In the video, you can further see a man standing on a truck placing a sack of cement on the shoulder of a disabled person. A man stands on one leg. He first balances the sack on his shoulder, then takes the crutches with both hands and walks to put the sack. You will get emotional after watching this video. A person is taking a lot of trouble and working hard to fill his belly.

People find their hard work a struggle and a spectacle for others

The video has been shared on Twitter by the name @tarksahitya. The caption on this reads, ‘People feel their hard work struggles and the spectacle of others.’ In fact, the sound of laughter is coming from the background in the video. It seems that the video being made is making fun of this disabled person. Perhaps this is the reason why such a caption has been written on the video.


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