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32 ની કમર 28 ની કરવા માટે દરરોજ કરો આ યોગાસન, 1 મહિનો સતત કરી જુઓ, ગેરંટીથી વજન ઘટી જશે

By | August 9, 2022

During the vacation, Priyanka was seen posing in a swimming suit in the pool. Her look was spectacular in this deep neck monokini. The special thing is that these photos of her are clicked by Nick Jonas.

We do a lot of things to lose weight but today we will tell you about 5 yoga exercises that you can do for 5 minutes every day to lose weight easily. Regular yoga helps in weight loss along with fighting many diseases. So let’s know some about yoga.

Paschimottanasana: This asana stretches all the muscles in your body. To do it, sit with your legs spread in front, then place your palms on your knees. Move your arms upwards. Keep the waist straight. Now bend forward and grab the toes with your hands. Knees touching the forehead, do asana like this.

Surya Namaskar: You can lose weight quickly by doing this asana. This one asana of 12 yoga postures keeps the whole body healthy. By doing it for just 10 minutes you can lose your weight fast.

Trikonasana : Spread both legs, arms open outwards. Now slowly bring the arms straight down towards the legs. Then keep the waist down with the palm on the ground and move the other hand upwards. You repeat this process with the other hand.

Balasana : To perform Balasana, sit on your heels on the floor. Now raise the arms upwards and exhale and touch the forehead to the ground. Stay in this posture for 1 minute. Then gradually increase the time to 2 minutes.

Don’t let the weight control you because obesity can be the starting point for many diseases in the body. Make some changes in your lifestyle, drink more water and control your weight. Pranayama can help you lose weight and make your body flexible and healthy.

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