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A plush bungalow built for birds at a cost of 20 lakhs

By | July 23, 2022

A plush bungalow built for birds at a cost of 20 lakhs

Bhagwanjibhai Rupapara, a farmer from a Navi Sankli village in Jetpur taluka, has built a bungalow that can house ten thousand birds. He was quick to think about what would happen to the birds when the cold, scorching heat and torrential rain were troubling the humans. He presented this idea to the family members and he also appreciated this idea of the family member. Not only this, their children are ready to pay for it.

Bhagwanjibhai has made a platform 140 feet long, 70 feet wide and 40 feet high in the shape of Shivling out of 2500 pots without the help of any engineer. For this, a special order was placed from Wankaner for two types of small and big pots, which cost about 20 lakhs. He made 2500 pots for the bird house which would never break and kept working according to his resources in the plot given by the Gram Panchayat. The original galvanized bore pipe created a range for round pots, using steel wires to tie the pots together, which never broke, and special wires made during monsoons to prevent lightning strikes, so that the inside Birds cannot be disturbed.

Bhagwanji Bhai made such utensils which would never break and started working according to his skill on the plot given to him by the Gram Panchayat. This included a range made of basic galvanized bore pipe to hold round pots, using steel wire to bind the pots. Bhagwanjibhai himself and his sons as well as villagers and friends started placing utensils according to the design of the pots and after 1 year of hard work it seems that the hard work has been successful.

The idea to build this wonderful house came when Bhagwanji Bhai was sitting on his farm and thought that in winter, summer or monsoon, man would make his own living arrangements. But thinking what will happen to Abol Munga Bird, the idea came in his mind that I should do something for these Munga Abol Birds (birds) so that he can sit on the farm and make an attractive design according to his list. ) to build a pot house. For the Bird House.

Bhagwanji Bhai has also made Amarnath Cave for Birds inside the Matke Ghar, where Lord Shiva will be established. This temple is made for Birds only. Bhagwan Bhai has also made utensils for food and water for the birds. He has spent 20 lakh rupees in making all this. According to Bhagwan Bhai, man can do everything on his own, but if people build this kind of bird house from village to village for this abol bird, then there is a lot. More than 10 thousand bird families will be able to live comfortably in this Bird House.

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